Importance of a Home Inspection

One of the important aspects of Buying a home is the Home Inspection. The State of Alabama is a "Buyer Beware" state. When you are shopping for a home, your Realtor will bring up a home inspection. The Home inspection is a service that you pay out of pocket for. It could range anywhere from $300-600. This is a service that is performed outside of closing and you will not get reimbursed for, regardless of what happens in the contract. Your agent will have a list of Home Inspectors for you to choose from. During the home inspection, the inspector will find everything that is wrong with that house and that is what you want him to do. The important things in the findings are the Health and Safety items. These are the items that your agent will work with the Listing agent on your behalf to get these fixed. These safety items are: Roof, HVAC, Plumbing, and Flooring. The seller will most of the time pay to have these items repaired unless it is a Sold As Is home. If a lender is involved, the lender will require repairs in order to fund the home. This is usually an FHA lender. It is the Buyer's choice whether to have a Home Inspection or not. Realtors advise their clients to get one, but ultimately it is up to the Buyer. For any questions that you may have, reach out to me at 251-510-6610.

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